Gladstone Calliope Equestrian Group offers membership for single riders, families and non-riders.  Fees for 2021 are:


  • Family Membership $60 per annum (calendar year)

  • Senior Membership $50 per annum (calendar year)

  • Non-riding membership $10 per annum (calendar year)


Members enjoy benefits such as discounted nominations to GCEG events, invitations to club lessons and clinics and the ability to participate in our Club Championships.  

Membership is done via Nominate online at


If you cannot apply online, please call our secretary.

There are numerous ways in which you can assist the club and not all of them involve horses.  So if you love horses but they intimidate you don't despair - you can still assist.  



As a volunteer, it is a great way to watch others competing and get a feel for how competitions are run.  If you volunteer to pencil for a judge you will get an insight into what they are looking for which in turn can help your own performance.


GCEG offers training to help you fulfill your volunteering requirements.  Its a great way to put something back into your sport but getting involved is just good fun.  An equestrian packed day out with like-minded people  - what are you waiting for?  Contact the club and register your interest in volunteering.  All volunteers must have a Blue Card.  Please click on this link to download the required form.


Helping the Club

Fundraising - Is this your 'thing'?


Do you have a 'knack' for fundraising?  If you do, then GCEG needs your assistance.


Like most clubs GCEG is always looking to improve facilities, subsidise training schools and expand the club.  Limited funds are raised through competitions and membership fees.


New and interesting fundraising ideas are always welcome.  If you think you can assist or would like to help, please contact the club.

Committee Member


​Most of the committee members are riders and their duties often clash with the desire to compete and compete well.  If you have a knack for secretarial duties, if you can balance a budget, if you are a dynamo at organising things, or if you can 'take charge'your skills are required.  The club currently has 4 executive positions and one non-executive position.  They are President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary and the non-executive is Events Co-ordinator.  All meetings are now held via teleconference link up and the executive meets at least once a month.  The AGM is normally held in January/February and all positions are for the duration of the calendar year.  Every year position holders step down and positions become vacant for re-election.